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Today is not a good day. For UK politics, for what’s left of my brain, for my motivation & creativity. At this point, quite frankly I’m ready to pack everything in and just start selling halogen ovens on QVC. Hey — at least it’s a chance to get some broadcast work, and with an apolitical TV station to boot!

But with this terrible day in mind, I’ll try and distract you one of the few ways I know how: with music. Here are the five tracks that are helping me keep going through this seemingly impossible hump day. Follow the playlist here on Spotify.

1. We Appreciate Power – Grimes/HANA

There’s a joke in there somewhere about the track’s name (especially today), but I’m not going to say it. This absolutely feels like it could have been part of Poppy’s latest album, but I’m not sure if they’re now friends still either.

Spotify / YouTube

2. Prior Things – Hop Along

This song is gloriously optimistic, and if you’re a fan of gravelly vocals you’ll enjoy this. It’s a bit like Feist meets Fiona Apple.

Spotify / YouTube

3. Satisfied – Galantis/MAX

This is a pretty chart-y song I’ll admit, and the subject matter is a bit laddish/Robin Thicke (shudder), but hot damn if it isn’t a great tune, and I love that chorus with the glitched vocals.

Spotify / YouTube

4. oh baby – lovefingers remix

I already adored LCD Soundsystem’s ‘oh baby’, but this long and building remix by Lovefingers, plus that piano riff that comes in at about 1:40 makes it god-tier. ?.

Spotify / YouTube

5. Sax in the City – Let’s Eat Grandma

Perhaps one of my favourite band names ever, and an outrageously young and talented duo, Lets Eat Grandma have some wildly interesting and jazzy tracks in their collection, including this.

Spotify / YouTube

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