New home, same crap.

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I firmly believe that there has never been a greater need for mindless shit. And I think I’m someone who can help deliver that.

Because I’m tired of logging on to Facebook and Twitter, where I’m friends with so many different people with such talents and from such different walks of life — at each others’ throats so often. I don’t have time for it, it’s boring, and I really believe that we all deserve at least a couple of hours a week where we can just be entertained and talk about crap. No politics. Nothing serious.

I have this ground rule. Not just online, but in real-life too: I don’t talk politics with friends. I’m not clever enough, there are people who opine much better than I can, plus I want everyone to like me anyway.

And that’s what this is about, for me. It’s why this blog exists. So here’s a little more about what you can expect from me, and why I’ve been writing in the first place.

More content

I’m really trying to publish more frequent updates. If you’re anything like me, you have so many ideas running through your head, so many things you want to try, that… you don’t know where to start. So you never start at all. And too often, I’d procrastinate things because I wanted to give them my full attention.

I’ve since come to realise that I don’t have that luxury.

If I waited until I felt I could give something my full attention, I’d probably post about once a year, and even then I’d probably still be unhappy with it. I have such respect for journalists and bloggers who can just sit and write. And I think you can only do that with practice.

So I’m going to try and get more content up here. I’ll tell you right now — it’s probably not going to be polished. It’s probably not going to be good. Hell, it might not even be entertaining at all. But it’s a start, and by me, that’s better than nothing.

A new site

Well, you’re on it right now. And hell, this site looks so good it almost makes it seem like I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry: I don’t.

I moved to my own site because I wanted more flexibility with design. I wanted to experiment with different platforms and formats. And Medium, as beautiful as it is to write on, has some stupid quirks. You can only embed certain things. The design and fonts are fixed. And most frustratingly for me, there’s no strikethrough text. And strikethrough text is usually half of my comedy.

More formats

The most successful video I ever made was of a prairie dog that had gotten too fat to get out of its hole. It received over 90,000 views.

Hell, it wasn’t even my video in the first place — I just put a silly sound effect over it for giggles on Reddit. But I enjoy making videos and audio clips. And I want to do more. Probably of the stuff I’m getting up to in London or the stupid crap I come across on the internet.

Again, it’s probably not going to be good, but at this point, this website is pretty much here for me to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. Which brings me on to:

How you can help

I’m very lucky to have such gracious comments and likes from people for the stuff I post, and for people allowing me to waste their time in such a fashion in the first place.

That’s why, if you see something you like, all I ask is for you to share it on — whether privately or publicly. Or, y’know, with a publisher/journalist. I won’t complain.

I’m not going to put ads on my site or charge for the content either, because hell, ads suck, and I don’t want Taboola’s crappy clickbait coming up or those dodgy ads for ‘bored moms in my local area’ popping up on the sidebar.

And that’s it. Welcome to the weird world of my blog, and congratulations for reading this far. I know I wouldn’t.

You can join me on Twitter and Facebook for more shitposting and the latest news from me. And hey, whilst you’re there, tell me what bits you like (or what you don’t). It’s always good to know. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you.


Olly Browning
Olly Browning is a freelance writer and designer based in London, founder of the creative agency Mighty Oak. Send your thoughts, hate mail, commissions, or any other business to, or tweet him @yourolly.
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