Olly in The Drum: Creative ripostes Magners ad [and gets free cider]

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A little while ago, I spotted Magners (the cider company) trying to pick a fight with James Blunt (the singer). Because I have a poor attention span and needed something creative to do, I downed my tools and rushed to James’ aid:


Creative ripostes Magners ad questioning the quality of James Blunt songs The Drum (1)

Yes, it made The Drum – the marketing magazine. Click the screenshot above or read the full article here.

Even better, Magners got in touch a little while later and made true of their promise: they sent me two damn crates of cider.

Thank you, James Blunt, and Magners, for my most profitable Tweet ever.


Olly Browning
Olly is the Head of Marketing for Doordeck, former Art Director and occasional writer based in London.
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