People are redubbing this video of the DUP dancing and it’s everything we could have asked for

 In London

You don’t need me to explain to you why the prospects of having the DUP in government sounds a little terrifying. Luckily, there’s at least some small comic relief to be had here, and if anyone’s going to bring it to your attention, it has to be me. It all started on Twitter when user David Halliday asked:

And graciously, generously, the internet responds. User @AilsaT has been ON FIRE with some excellent re-dubs, spanning not just the ‘In the Navy’ request, but some smashers too. The timing of the ‘you’ in the third video is my favourite.

Updates as they’re created…

Olly Browning
Olly is the Head of Marketing for Doordeck, former Art Director and occasional writer based in London.
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